One way conflict is show through the first paragraph is that the authors says “I watched a funeral pass”. This shows conflict as there has been a death and the women are waving lilac stems which is some sort of tradition when someone dies. The author also makes it sound like he is taking a […]

One of the ways Scout learns about courage is when she gets bullied by people from her school and she has to resist what they are saying and fight back

The crucible is a definition of

In the crucible many people are accused of witchcraft and it shows how Miller presents it because many people are dying in the play as they are accused of acts of witchcraft

In this controlled assessment I am going to be showing how love and hate are shown in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and also comparing it to Robert Browning’s poems. I will be looking at how these two authors show similarities such as the context it has, the contrasts. Also I will be trying to compare any […]

A majority of people debate about whether or not libraries should be closed down because they claim to be ‘useless’. However many other people think that libraries are still needed as there are many benefits of keeping them open, the main one being borrowing books for free. Some families with lower incomes do not have […]

Nine years ago, a man named John Humphreys published an article with the title ‘I h8 txt msgs’. This article was expressing his feelings about how texting in ‘Slanguage’ is ‘Pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences and raping our vocabulary.’ He also demands that this must stop. I can understand that John Humphrys is angry […]